Why Blogging Is The Best Business In The World

Blogging Office Setup

So, you want to start a business. However, you don’t just want to start any business, you want to start the best business that’s right for you.

Well, below we will discuss exactly why blogging is the best business in the world.

A Bold Claim

If we are going to make a bold claim and say that something is the best business in the world then we had better be able to back that up.

That is exactly what we are going to do, step by step.

Each Blogging Benefit Explained

Blogging has some serious benefits not offered by other businesses and here are just a few.

Blog What You’re Passionate About

Yes of course, you have to pick a niche that can also make good money, we will cover that below. But, you can literally blog your passion.

One of the greatest things about blogging is that it’s one of the only businesses where you can create in the EXACT niche or even sub niche where you are most passionate.

Let’s say you love cars or flower arranging. These are two separate niches that I’ll go over below.

Blogging About Cars

Muscle Car Show

You really love cars, you love talking about them, getting into heated discussions about them, looking at them and more.

Well, if you started an auto parts store you would quickly find that you’re not doing anything but schlepping parts to people that own regular every day cars.

Day in day out you’re looking up part numbers and chasing inventory. Then, you’re telling some backyard mechanic how to install a spark plug for the 45th time this week.

However, when you have your blog, you’re blogging about the exact thing you love.

You’re telling the stories of the best cars in the world. Your collecting pictures of them, having conversations about them in the comments with all of your readers and more.

You’re going to auto shows to see the old muscle cars or the newest innovations, coming home and talking about it.

You’re knee deep in your passion and loving it.

Blogging About Arranging Flowers

If you owned a flower wholesale warehouse so that you could make a little more money than the florists who are really having a hard time making it because of all the online florists now, you’d be moving grosses (bundles of 144) roses all day.

You’d be getting in container loads of roses and other flowers from Ecuador and other countries and filling florists orders, doing invoicing and other paperwork and that’s about it.

However, when your blog is about flower arranging you’re 100% in your element.

You’re arranging flowers, taking pictures, telling how you did it, talking about the flowers themselves, making videos of arranging flowers and more.

You have clients calling you wanting to fly you to do all the arrangements at their big weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions.

You’re attending flower trade shows and wholesale florists are sending you free flowers to arrange if you’ll mention their name.

You’re absolutely in your niche and really, truly loving what you’re doing.

With Blogging You Work Your Own Hours

If you have things to do, you blog around your schedule.

If you have children and want to go watch them at a recital, a sporting event or a school play you don’t have to ask for time off, you just go.

Your blogging fits your lifestyle, you’re in complete control, you run your business your way.

Not only that, but, you can live anywhere you want to and even be a digital nomad that travels full time living wherever they want.

 Make A Ton Of Money

You may not even believe how much money you can make. We will go into that, in depth, in another blog post within the next few days – SO, keep an eye out for it.

We will discuss exactly how you can do this in that post, but, suffice in saying 6 and 7 figures is not out of line at all.

There is a lot more money to be made blogging than most people realize or than most bloggers are actually doing.

You’re going to learn how I and my clients routinely get those 6 and 7 figure years without any more work than those making a tenth of that. In many cases we work a lot less than they do too.

On my copy writing website (I’ve been writing sales copy for decades) I have testimonials of people doing big dollar amounts from my teaching them what I’ll be teaching you in the future (namely, blog funneling).

One lady talks about how I added over 4 million dollars per year to her existing business. Many others talk about their business income explosions as well.

The thing is, there is more money in blogging than owning most franchises and it doesn’t cost that much to get started.

Low, Low, Low Cost To Start

If you wanted to start a McDonalds® franchise you would need between 1 million and 2.2 million dollars with a minimum of $750,000 in liquid capitol just to open the doors. You can prove this by simply Googling: Average McDonalds® franchise startup costs.

To start a great blog that can make you a lot more money than that franchise can be done for as little as $500 if you do the work yourself. Or, up to say $5,000 if you hired it all out and just sat back while it was all being built for you.

Do you see the difference?

Let’s say you wanted to start your own bakery. You would be looking at costs of between $300,000 to approximately $1,500,000 depending on a lot of factors and you had better have enough in savings to run it for a year without a profit just in case like most businesses, you don’t make one.

How Blogging Is Different

As I said, we will go into the money-making potential in an upcoming post.

But, with blogging, you can have income coming in within a few hours of opening it up for business.

You can have your blog ready to open in less than a week or if you’re super speedy, you can even do it in a day.

You can be in profit the first day you open your doors as well.

There are very few businesses anywhere in the world that you can do this with beside blogging.

Keep an eye out for my next posts that I’ll email you about so you can see how much money there is to be made and more.

It’s super exciting!

What Are The Secrets To Successful Blogging?

Here are the things you really must do to be hugely successful in blogging.

Be In A Niche You Love

Yes, we covered this above, but, for different reasons.

The reason you had better love your niche is that; you’re going to be working in it every day.

If you don’t like the niche, no matter how much money you make you won’t be fulfilled.

Get Into A Money Maker

The niche you choose also has to have people in it willing to spend lots of money.

If not, you may love your blogging niche, but you will be broke, which is no fun at all either.

The Blogging Niche Must Have Problems

Be sure the niche you choose has problems you can solve. You get paid to solve these problems and provide the solutions people need to succeed in the niche.

You Must Give Value

There are a couple ways you need to give value in your business.

A). You give value by solving the problems in your niche.

People always have things they need help with. They have problems they just can’t figure out, things that stump them or are road blocks for them.

You solve those challenges for them and they will reward you handsomely for it in the form of literally throwing money at you.

B). The information you give them has to actually work. Your solutions, products, posts and videos have to actually, truly solve the problem or you’ll have people yelling at you instead of praising you.

C). You need to over deliver. This simply means that you need to provide even greater value than what you said you would on your post, in your video or in your sales letter.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you bought a pack of six colored pencils from an online vendor.

You get the package and not only are your 6 pencils there, but you got 2 free pencils of other colors with a note that says, “Thank you for being such an awesome customer, please enjoy these two free pencils on us”.

“Oh, and by the way, look in the box carefully, we also put a free special colored pencil eraser in your box too, have a great day and thanks for being our customer”.

When you get that, how do you feel?

Are you going to order more pencils from them when you need them? Of course you are.

Are you very likely to return the package? No, not unless the pencils really suck.

So, by them giving you two free pencils and a special eraser they over delivered.

When you have digital merchandise, it’s even easier. You have to create that product once and the extra value once. After that, you can give it to thousands or millions, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t cost you any more, it’s already been made once.


Do you think people like it when you over deliver?

The answer to that one is self-evident, yes, they do!

Now For The Big Secret

Bloggers will tell you that you have to write what people want to read. Yeah, well tell me something I don’t know, right?

But not many at all will tell you the big secret that you must know to be successful in blogging.

So, what’s this big secret you say?

You Must Promote The Heck Out Of Your Stuff

Don’t worry, I’m going to be releasing my traffic course soon that will give you the insider secrets on how to promote your stuff, so just build your blog and wait for that, you’ll be so super happy with it. The beta testers are raving about it.

What Does This Mean?

By promote your stuff I mean that when you make a video, you need to promote it so that people will find it, watch it and then take your desired action.

The same is true for your blog posts and of course your all-important lead page.

Your lead page (or landing page as some refer to it as) is the single most important page you own.

It’s where you want to send at least 80% of your traffic, if not 100%.

It’s where people get your free offer and get onto your email list.

In truth, your email list is your number one asset in your business. When you have a great list and a great relationship with the people on your list you will have a great business.

The Secret Is…

You can write the best blog post in the world. Make a video that would make Hollywood envious or make a product that is the best that’s ever been made. However, if no one ever sees it or knows about it, there isn’t much of a point.

This is why I advocate using the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 Rule goes about like this;

Spend 80% of your time, effort, money and energy promoting the content you made with the other 20% of your time.

Here’s why the 80/20 rule works so well.

Let’s say that you blogged 1 new blog post per day on your new site for a month. You put great images up there, maybe even embedded a video in them etc. In other words, nice content.

How many people will come see those blog posts? The answer is, not many if any at all. Because no one even knows they are there.

In Contrast You Blog This Way

Instead of posting 30 blog posts in a month, you only post 1 per week.

You make sure this post is freaking awesome. This way people will want to share it with their social media friends.

You take the other 6 days of the week and promote it with outreach programs, guest posting, link roundups, broken link strategies and more.

You spend the exact same number of total hours working on your site in each of these two instances.

How many people will you have read that one new post?

There is no way to know for sure. But, suffice in saying that it will be many, many times the number that read the 7 posts for the first week’s strategy.

Blogging is simply the best business in the world. Where else can you do what you love, at your own pace and make fantastic money doing it?

Blogging, that’s where.

Be sure to watch for my upcoming blogging and traffic courses. They are guaranteed to be the best you’ve ever seen.