The Most Important Thing In Life

happy people

happy people

There has always been much discussion as to what is The Most Important Thing In Life.

There are those that have answers to that question as varied as the people who espouse them.

However, there is only one thing in life that is the most important. Just as there can be only one truth about any given thing, there is only one answer that rises above all else.

This is a discussion we will have later on this site, but, it is true that there can be only one truth about any one given thing. We may not know the truth, we may not believe it or we may even despise the truth, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

We will delve into this incontrovertible fact later in a different post.

However, the fact remains that since there can only be one truth about any one given thing, then there is and can only be, one thing that is the most important thing in life.

So, What Is The Most Important Thing In Life?

The answer as you’ll see is irrefutable. Some will attempt to discredit it because they have an emotional attachment to something they erroneously believe to be more important.

Others won’t believe it out of pure spite, a need to debate, or that they believed so long that it was something else that they can’t let go as in the emotional attachment referred to above.

However, once you become quite in your mind, allow the facts that we’ll discuss below to take root and by process of elimination deduce the correct conclusion, you too will see that;


If your initial reaction is or was to dispute this, then please do only one thing out of fairness, correctness and honor. Follow along with the remainder of the article below to see why it is the absolute truth.

Why Right Thinking Is Life’s Most Important Thing

Let’s prove this by taking a look at a few of the traditional answers that many people would give to answer this question. We’ll look at them one by one disproving each.

Don’t fret if your answer that you initially thought might be true, were it other than right thinking, is not in the list we will discuss below. You’ll plainly see through the logic trail below that right thinking is the right and only correct answer.

Before we delve into the other possible answers and why they are not correct, let’s first discuss why the answer of right thinking IS correct.

The Answer Of Right Thinking Is Correct Because…

Thought precedes action.

Whether it be conscious or subconscious, thought does take place before an action is taken. There is no act that you commit without first thinking about it.

You think about it in your conscious mind such as I’m going to drink a glass of water because my subconscious mind and or body systems tell me that I’m thirsty. Or,  a purely conscious thought of, I know I’m sweating and that means I need water.

Whatever the case, in even something as benign as drinking water, your thoughts did proceed your actions.

There isn’t anything that you do over the level of bodily functions such as breathing, cell regeneration, sweating or other similar functions that you may even consider that your body does without thought.

Once those are analyzed you’ll see that we do process them and perform them by a level of thought, it’s just that we don’t recognize our brains ‘automatic’ systems as thought. We speak of them as CNS (Central Nervous System) functions. However, since they are controlled by your mind, they too are thoughts, just on a level we don’t formally recognize as such.

The truth is, since you’re controlled by your mind, even though through thought you control it to some extent, it wouldn’t be possible for you to do anything without first having thought about it on some level no matter how deep or basic.

A Few Scenarios That Demonstrate This Truth In Everyday Life

In order to have one answer that applies to everyone and everything it must be the only one that is correct in each case. That’s the only way it holds water as the truth.

So, below we won’t be looking at opinion. We are not concerned with people’s opinion’s here. For our discussion, we are only looking for the truth.

  1. Some might say that living itself is the most important thing in life, but is that true? Let’s take a look.

Many people can’t stand their lives, they wish they were never born, want to commit suicide, suffer from severe depression or other maladies. They would rather die than live, so is living the most important thing?

The answer is no, it’s obviously not.

Your life’s value is determined in your mind or in the minds of those who love you. The actual value of your dead human body is only around $1601. That’s the approximate value of all the elements you have stored inside your various body tissues.

In reality, your life is only truly important to you and a very small circle of family and friends and is only as valuable as you or they think it is. This is far from universal and if you’d rather be dead than alive then it doesn’t apply to you at all.

It’s obvious that your value is in your mind, so, your thought comes before your value. This means that it’s not your life itself that’s valuable, but how you think of it, how you perceive it and your thoughts on it that are the real value.

You can love your life or want to die, both of which are thoughts.

As such, life cannot be the universal truth we are looking for, as its value is preceded by thought.

  1. There are those that would say that family is the most important thing in life, but this couldn’t possibly be true and easily dispelled.

Now, remember, we are not interested in opinion or emotion here. We are discussing a universal truth, which means it must be true in all cases.

As far as family goes; most of us have family that we love and would do anything for. We would die for them and they would die for us.

However, nearly everyone has a family member or a few that they can’t stand and wish would die, move away or just never come to family reunions or holidays.

That person or those people are family. They are admittedly a part of your blood line, they are related to you. But you can’t stand them, or dislike them rather markedly.

This means that you have just proven that family is not the one thing in life that is most important or all of your family and all of everyone’s families across the globe would be the most important thing(s).

Since it’s likely not even true for you and it’s definitely not true for billions of others, then it can’t be the truth.

  1. There are many that would say that God is the most important thing in life.

This cannot be true even on its face. The reasons are so numerous that we could write a book.

Now listen, I’m not here to challenge your belief in God, a higher power or any other religious or spiritual beliefs that you might have. I include this because it’s a topic that people bring up quite a bit.

There are several reasons this isn’t the correct answer, but here are just a few.

A). There are many religions, each believes with all their hearts that they are correct. When in truth, religion is more of a geographic phenomena than anything else.

If you’re born in Russia you’re going to stand a pretty good chance of being orthodox. If you’re born in India you will most likely believe in Hinduism, if born in The Middle East then you’ll most likely be Muslim or if born in Thailand you’ll likely end up being Buddhist.

This doesn’t mean that your religion or even a lack thereof is wrong or right. It just means that your religion mostly stems from your, or your family’s place of origin on the planet.

B). Some people are religious or believe in God and some are not or do not. This really doesn’t need any further explanation.

C). There are those that worship the Devil and those that say he simply doesn’t exist.

To conclude with religion; there many different religions and even anti religions. Just this fact alone means that God, the Devil or anything else that someone holds as their belief system cannot be the most important thing as it is only their belief in it that gives it it’s importance in their lives.


Please do remember that I’m not here to challenge your religion, belief system or lack of one depending on your point of view.

I’m not here to offend you in any way, if you’re offended then it’s just because you choose to be, not because of anything I’ve done. All I’ve asked is that you think.

I haven’t even asked that you think whether your religion is true, the right one or the most beneficial for its followers.

I’ve not asked that you do anything except follow me in a discussion in critical thinking with relation to the most important thing that is universal to everyone in their lives.

Why Right Thinking Is The Most Important Thing In Life

Right thinking comes before right action, right action comes before positive results. It’s positive results that better us in life, as a society and as a planet.

Since it’s not possible to take action, believe in God, love your family or love your life without first having thought about it at some level (conscious, subconscious or instinctual), then right thinking becomes the most important thing in life.

Lastly; someone might contend that thinking in general, be it wrong or right is the most important thing.

This is not true at all.

Since thoughts can only produce actions or results of like kind, right thinking equals right or positive results and wrong thinking wrong or negative results.

So, even if your goal was a wrong or negative outcome you would have had to determine the right or correct path to take to arrive at this outcome.

This means that even to get a planned negative result you still have to think about its planning right or correctly. Which demonstrates that right thinking was still the most important part of the process.

To Put It Into Perspective

To change your life and get the results you want you must change the way you think.

There is a saying that you may have heard that is true which goes:” If you continue to think what you’ve always thought, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got”. ~ Unknown.

If you want a right life then you must employ right thinking. There is no other way. Even if you hit the lottery, if you’re thoughts are bad, you’ll fall to drugs, alcohol or other debaucheries.

There is another old saying that you may have heard that would apply to winning the lottery: “A fool and his money are soon parted”. ~ Unknown.

So, thinking that the lottery winnings are important are also erroneous. With right thinking you’ll have a great life, with wrong thinking you’ll end up broke and in rehab.

There is simply nothing more important in life than right thinking. It’s even what’s giving you the mental acuity to reason and understand the conversation we are having.

To take one last saying to the hilt: “Garbage in garbage out”. ~ Unknown.

If you constantly think bad, wrong or negative thoughts then that’s what you’ll attract in your life.

However, when you channel your mind to right, correct and positive thoughts you’ll soon discover that all manner of good and great things start happening in your life.

In the end; There is NO substitute for right thinking and it truly is the most important thing in life!