Real Marketing Isn’t About Selling

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A lot of what I have to say here may shock some people in the industry, but, if you made them tell you the truth, they would have to admit that it is (the truth that is).

Real marketing isn’t about selling at all.

You see these people who get you on their list and then just beat you up (mentally) with offer after offer all promising that ‘this shiny silver bullet’ will fix the one problem you have.

‘This is your solution’. Nothing else has worked, even though you’ve purchased many other silver bullets, but don’t worry about that, no, because this one, this silver bullet here is the one you’ve been waiting for.

This is nonsense of course.

There is no silver bullet, no quick fix, no magic red button you push and money spits out of it.

That’s ridiculous at best.

What Works Is Real Marketing

Ok, so, if that’s what over selling looks like, then what in the heck is real marketing?

There are many ways I could explain it, but, I’m going to use a couple of really big brands to illustrate my point.

When Apple™ launches a new iPhone™ they don’t really have to sell people on it.

They let the word out that it’s launching on such and such a date, and people pitch tents, waiting in line for a week to get one.

Apple™ doesn’t sell, they market.

When Tesla™ launches a new car, people prepay for them 2-3 years in advance and sit and wait for delivery.

Tesla doesn’t sell, they market.

So, How Do You Market Without Selling If You’re Not Yet A Big Brand?

Oh man, this is not the million-dollar question, this is the billion-dollar question.

So, if real marketing isn’t selling, then what do you do?

I mean, if you don’t have the brand awareness out there yet or the mega million-dollar advertising budget to get it out there, then what do you do?

You focus on building an amazing relationship with your prospective customer or client.

You design your interactions with them so that; every time someone comes in contact with you, they can’t believe how much you help them.

You help them without the expectation of any return.

Yes, I said that.

The reason why is; when you do that, when you really just give without worrying about the sales, people feel it, they aren’t stupid, they get it.

You take a look at the people on your list and you ask yourself, where are they in their journey now, and where do they want to end up.

You then design your interactions with them to help them get from where they are, to where they want to be.

You do it in their best interest, not yours.

You then also make absolutely sure that, your products you offer them truly help solve their problems and provide solutions.

This All Sounds Great, But, How Do I Do This In Real Life?

As it turns out, real marketing is easier and a lot more fun because you feel so darn good doing it.

At the end of the day, you just feel really good helping people.

Here Is An Example:

I’ll give you the example using myself and Succeed 365.

The reason I’ll do this is simple, this is how we market here.

It’s likely going to be more concise and easy to understand if I put it into a list, so here we go.

  1. I make all of Succeed 365’s decisions based on what’s best for the client, customer or prospective customer.
  2. I focus on providing real world free content just like the content you’re now reading, that really helps solve problems and provide understanding.
  3. I ensure that every interaction with people reading my site or on my list provides them with as much value as I possibly can.
  4. People aren’t stupid, they know it’s a company, they know we have products to offer them.

However, our products A). Are the best in the industry, bar none. B). Give tremendous value to the person purchasing them. And C). Really solve the problem that they purchased it to resolve.

  1. We think like a big brand. We look at our actions and ask would Apple™ do that? Would Rolls Royce™ do that?

And, is it in the best interest of our customers or clients?

When the answer is yes to both counts, then we look at moving forward with it.

Is There More To It Than That?

Not really, no.

The main focuses are on giving so much value that the amount of money someone pays for the product they are acquiring becomes insignificant.

In their minds they think we should be charging 10 times what we do, because of all the value they have received.

It’s not just the value of the product, although that has to be there of course.

It’s far more than that.

The value starts when they first come in contact with your company and never ends.

When people read an article on your site, make sure it’s worth reading. Make sure that article gives them real value. Something they can take away and use in their business right now, today.

If it doesn’t, then there is no sense in writing it.

And, of course, if your product doesn’t provide insane value and the solution to their problem, then, there’s no reason to make it, let alone market it.

What Are The Results Of Real Marketing?

The results are that:

  1. You build a lot of good will out in the marketplace. People share you with their friends via email and social media a lot, because your content is worth sharing.
  2. You’re building your brand and its reputation.
  3. You stop the churn and burn. Churn and burn is where you always have to have prospects coming in the front door (or your funnel) faster than they fall out the back door (or unsubscribe) because if not, you’ll go broke.

When you engage in real marketing people stay on your list for decades or until they die.


Because, you’ve taken the time to understand them, their needs, what they really want and developed a real relationship with them.

  1. Sales and profits go up.

The reasons are; A). Not everyone is ready to buy your product on day one.

Some people are, sure.

But, others will be ready at some future point. It might be a week, a month or a year. But, at some point they will be ready too.

When you keep them on your list while maintaining a fantastic relationship, you’re there when they are ready to buy.

B). When you’re not spending all of your money on slamming people into the front door faster than they fall out the back door, then there’s a lot more profit in it for you.

Here’s What You Should Do Next

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  1. Really think about what we’ve discussed here today and apply it in your business for better results.

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