LinkedIn Traffic – Flood Your Site With Hot Buyer Traffic Today

Everyone loves free traffic but the reason most people end up using paid traffic like Google Adwords, Bing, PPV, Media Buys and more is that for the most part free traffic can be a real pain in the rear to acquire. But not Linkedin traffic, it’s easy as pie as I will demonstrate later.


Sure, with paid traffic you can turn it on like a faucet, but there is that nasty little critter called ROI (return on investment). It can be super challenging to find traffic that converts, that is cheap enough and that you can get enough of. When you’re paying for traffic you have to test, test and test again. Otherwise, you simply won’t know if you’re making or losing money.


But With Linkedin Traffic
However, with free traffic from Linkedin you can rest assured you’ll have nearly 100% profit as the only investment will be about 5 minutes of your time.


Here’s How You Get Your Traffic

First things 1st. You must have awesome content that you’re sharing. If you’re sharing a content piece that no one cares about or that is poorly written or doesn’t give any value, then you’re going to have a really bad time at this.


Don’t copy anyone else’s work, make sure it’s plagiarism free. Give people actionable content that they can turn around and use that same day to make money or at least very quickly. Like the content you’re now reading. When you follow these guidelines and really put the effort into your content, you can have a nice little traffic wave the same day.


If you don’t get traffic that same day, that’s ok, just keep going. Once you have an article that really hits a nerve with your groups you’ll now know more what they will react too. People who just got a new puppy will not care about your cat litter article and so on.

linkedin-iconHow To Get Your Linkedin Traffic
Post your article onto your site. Make sure that you’re formatting is good, being sure you have at least one good image in your article and make sure your monetization is working. I.E. if you’re promoting an offer, make sure the link works.
Don’t laugh, I know a guy who was unhappy that his offer didn’t even get one click through. I tested his link and it was broken. Never take those things for granteed.

Now, you should have a social share button on your site. If you’re using Wordpress then you can use an easy to set up one like “Twitter Social Share”. It shares the top 6 social networks including linked in.

Then share your post using your plugin. It’s super easy, you click it on your post page, click share to groups, type in each letter of the alphabet one at a time. So that, when you type in A all of your groups that start with the letter A will come up, select the ones you want and type in B, then C and so on.
When you have listed all of your groups, press share. That’s it, you’re done.

Now, please do understand that on Linkedin to get that post out there you have to have previously been verified, and have to have been accepted into groups, but that’s just linked in, it has nothing to do with me.

People will like your post and go to your site to see more.
You can go to Linkedin and post manually to each group or use their automated feature that works just like your plugin but it’s on Linkedin itself.
Please do two things. Like this post and get on the list you see above to your right. No worries when you’re on this list. It’s not to sell you anything. It’s strictly to notify you when I write another useful post that you can use to take action and make money with quickly.

So You Have Traffic NOW What?

It’s great that you now have more traffic, but it’s not the traffic, it’s what you do with the traffic that counts.

There is only one place you should be sending them and that is to get on your list, any sales should be after getting them on your list. If you’re a seasoned marketer, then you know this.

Here is a great email marketing tip. Use only the company that actually likes marketers. When you read the TOS (Terms Of Service) for the other big company it feels like they are at war with you.

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Thank you. I appreciate it, Patrick Shelley