Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rates Now!

One of the challenges we all face with Email marketing is low open rates for our email broadcasts.
Here are a few things you can do to help your open rates climb back up into not just the good range but back up into the great range.

To Get Your Email Marketing Open Rates Up…

1. Don’t beat up your list. This means that you should not email your list with every single offer that comes out. Only email them with things that you are using yourself and are working for you.
People love it when your sharing something that has helped you become successful. But they can’t stand it when you think they are just a wallet at the end of an email.

2. Give extreme value. People will absolutely want to buy through your links or go see what you’re recommending when you give them tons of value every day.
Focus only on how you can help the people on your list and they will know your intent. They’re not stupid. They can feel it when you really have their best interest at heart.
Teach them all the tips and tricks that will help them in their quest, niche or market. Go out of your way to find the best information and products. When you do this, they will open your emails because they know there’s value at the other end of the link they are about to click.

3. This may sound weird, but read this anyway. Mail to your entire list. Yes, I know you’re saying Duh, of course. But hear me out first.
Take all your lists that are relevant to your lesson your giving your lists for that day and mail to all of them.
Then, the next day look at all of the un-opened emails. Depending on which email service you use this could be found in a variety of ways. Email the same email with a different subject line to all of your un-opens at 7am EST 3pm EST and 9pm EST. Use a different subject line for each email broadcast.

You only have to write this email once. But you’re using different subject lines.
People read their emails at all sorts of hours. Some people only read their emails once every few days. This gives you the greatest chance of hitting them when they are online and receptive. Do this once a month and watch your email open rates rates climb.

4. Un-subscribe anyone who has not read one of your emails in the last 90 days. Yes, I know your job as an email marketer is to build the biggest list possible.
But, it only works for you if you have a huge open rate. If your subscribers are not opening your email broadcasts then it’s hurting you, not helping you.
When you do this, your email deliver-ability will go up a few percent. For me, It goes up on average 3.5%. This is significant. The SMTP that your email service is using is going to see your list as being cleaner. This translates into a higher deliver-ability rate.

Plus, I’ve seen the biggest increases coming from Gmail. It looks like Gmail lets more emails through if their users are opening them. This must be one of their email algorithms they use. Whatever the case, it works.
You’ll pay less at your email service and get a better deliver-ability rate too. What could be better. They weren’t reading them anyway and most of those were likely going into spam anyway.

Give The Email Open Rate Tricks A Test
Test the methods I just gave you above and you’ll prove them to yourself. Implement your test today and start driving your email marketing into the next level.