How To Write Content Marketing That Converts Like Crazy

Unless you’re writing content for yourself, you’re going to want content that converts really well so that you’re rewarded for your efforts.

And that’s where acquiring the skills of great content marketing come into play.

You can write fantastic articles that are really pleasing and if you don’t understand all the content marketing tips and tricks then you likely won’t sell much from your site or get many adsesne clicks.

If you’re blogging as a business, isn’t that kind of the point.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Who Are You Writing To?

Some people would call this knowing your audience or even developing your customers avatar.

Being a copywriter that has written million-dollar sales letters I can tell you that knowing just who in the heck you’re writing to, is one of the most important things you’ll master doing.

Without any fluff.

Here’s how I do it.

Sit down and close your eyes.

Now, relax and think about who your perfect customer or reader of your blog or site would be.

Don’t worry about the masses, think only of that one perfect customer.

Who are they?

Are they a man or a woman or would they be equally split etc.?

Where do they live? This is really helpful with selling boots VS flip flops. People on the beach want one shoe type and people on a ranch in the Midwest another type.

Do they live in a house or an apartment?

Do they commute to work?

Where do they work (typically, or job type)?

What income bracket are they in?

Who are their friends?

What do they do with their friends in their off time?

Where do they vacation?

Do they have pet’s?

Do they have children?

Discover Your Perfect Customers Problem

Once you’ve determined who they are, now it’s time to find their problems.

The reason you want to do this is, once you find it, then you can solve it.

This leads us to the purpose of your blog.

You might think that your blogs purpose is to give you a venue to ramble on about things that interest you.

Sorry, not if you want to make money it’s not.

The Purpose Of Your Blog Is To Provide Value

One of the best ways you provide value is to solve their problems.

Let me tell you a little secret. This is something that you can read over and over if you like.

It’s true now, and it will always be true to the best of my knowledge.

You are paid in direct proportion to the value you provide the people in your niche.

That is as true a marketing statement as has ever been made.

This is the real purpose of your blog, to provide value by helping them grow in their niche.

You generally want to save the big problems they face for your products and solve the smaller problems on your blog.

An example of this would be:

Let’s say your site is about how to find and land a recording contract. Your readers are young artists that want to land a record deal.

On your blog you would talk about the best microphones to use, how to mix your tracks, how to get cheap studio time etc.

Those are smaller problems that they need to know how to accomplish.

You would save the big problem for your book that you might name: How To Land A Record Deal In 90 Days Or less… Guaranteed!

Caveat: I have no idea if that book title is taken or not.

That’s the information they really want to know about.

Sure, they need to know all the smaller things, and that’s what you blog about.

BUT! You save the big problems with the big solutions for your products that you create and sell.

Yes, you can be an affiliate or have ads on your site, those make money too.

However, nothing makes money like having your own list and developing your own products.

Write Headlines That Really Pull You In

One of the secrets to blogging is that you have to know how to write headlines.

The simplest way to write a great blog headline is to make a big promise that you can also keep.

If your blog is in the make money online niche a big promise might be: Make 200 Million Dollars In 90 Seconds Without Lifting A Finger

Yeah, that’s a big promise, but it’s not true.

Be sure that you actually deliver on whatever your big promise is or you’ll lose all credibility with your audience.

A better headline (supposing you have a guy named Bob that actually did this) would be: How Bob Made $4,588.91 His First Month With The Exact System I’ll Share With You Right Now!

If Bob actually made that figure and he’s a student of yours (or a friend), then you have a winner.

Make the biggest promise you can right up front, because you need to lure them in. If your headline doesn’t pull them in, they will never see the rest of your content.

Grab Them With Your Hook

Your opening sentence is your hook.

You need to grab them with it, tell them a benefit that you have in store for them or give them something that makes them curious.

This is where they decide if they want to keep reading or not.

A Body Of Value

Next comes the body of your article (blog post).

Here is where you make good on your big promise that you made in the headline.

Give them more than what you said you would, always over deliver on your promise. This way, they stay felling rewarded, instead of leaving feeling cheated.

The best way you can do this is to solve a problem.

So, whatever the problem that your big promise in your headline outlined, here’s where you deliver on it.

Monetize Your Blog Post

If your revenue model is having ads on your site, then you’re all set unless you’re building a list.

If you’re selling something, whether that’s your own product or an affiliate product, now you need to make the offer.

Building Your Email List

If you’re building your list, then your priority is to always provide that list so much value, that they nearly crap their pants.

This is how you build the relationship with the people on your list.

If you constantly treat them like an ATM machine, just sending them offers all the time without providing any real value, they will leave.

However, if you’re the breath of fresh air in the niche, giving them problem solving or how-to information all the time, they will stay on your list for decades.

As a matter of fact, you couldn’t get them off your list if you told them to leave.

Plus, when you finally do offer them a product, they will know it works and will click the buy button without hardly even reading your sales letter. Because they trust you.

Make Your Offer

If you’re selling a product then this is where you would make your offer.

Make sure it’s compelling and 100% true.

In fact, make sure the product over delivers on your promise or claims.

People will want to buy your product or join your list, because you’ve already given them great value in your blog post.

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