How To Travel The World Or Live Anywhere While Blogging

It’s the dream of millions of people all over the world. To travel the world while blogging or even if you want to stay put, to live anywhere while blogging.

What Do You Want?

Is it to travel to all the places you’ve always dreamed of, like a digital nomad and see them for yourself with a great portable blogging income?

Do you maybe want to have a home base and travel from there?

Or, would you like to be able to choose to live anywhere in the world, buying or renting a home and maybe live in that country or even U.S. city with the time and money freedom of your dreams?

Any way you want it, it’s all good and you CAN do it.

The Answer Is Blogging


The biggest single reason is it’s 100% portable.

Get ready to travel

If you want to travel Europe, Asia, South America or America herself it’s one of the few incomes that really goes with you all the way.

The same can be said about relocation. If it’s a permanent move your looking for, so long as you have your laptop or desktop you’re good to go.

You Control It

This is your business, you’re in charge. No one can take this from you, tell you what to do or run it into the ground. It’s yours, you build it, you keep it.


Blogging is the ultimate freedom. If you don’t like the scenery of wherever it is that you’re at, throw your laptop in your bag and go (please don’t really throw your laptop, you’re going to need it).

You aren’t stuck anywhere. The world is your oyster and your blog is your pearl.

So, How Do You Travel The World Or Live Anywhere While Blogging?

Well, first you need a blog, then you must have traffic and then you need to monetize that traffic.

I’ll get into those topics in an upcoming course that will teach you every single thing you could ever possibly need to know about how to turn your blog into a 6 and 7 figure powerhouse.

But for now, let’s stick to the travel aspects of blogging.

Don’t Learn This The Hard Way

Learn this from me. No, it never happened to me, but, I saw this happen and learned from it myself.

A guy was in the airport in Rostov On Don, Russia. He looked to be European, maybe Belgian by the language?

He set his backpack down a little hard on the tile floor, but not excessively so. Then I heard it, that sound of something breaking. He heard it to by the look on his face.

He opened his bag, reached inside and pulled out a laptop with the outer shell broken. I don’t know the extent of the damage, but he was not happy.

The Tip

Here’s an easy way to safeguard from this happening to you as much as possible. Always use a laptop sleeve with a good cushion on the edges. Then fold up a T-shirt or two and put them in the bottom of your bag where your laptop will rest on them.

You’ll love having the extra clothes if the airlines lose your big bag, you’ll need them anyway and they could save you from that kind of a nasty problem.

How To Blog While Traveling

  1. Backup Everything. Yes, you know that backing things up is important, but, when traveling it’s a must.

Here’s how I do it.

Backup Hard Drive For travel

I have a 2-terabyte hard drive on my laptop. I have a 2-terabyte portable backup drive that I also save the files to.

Then on top of that I use an online backup solution that automatically backs up all new files and syncs everything every 15 minutes I think it is. You can set how often you want it to sync, but, for me the more often the better.

The one I use is called Crash Plan, but you can use any of them that you like. I’ve heard of people having good success with one called Cryptonite, but is more expensive I believe.

However, you see that my data is backed up to three different places.

You also don’t put your backup hard drive in your laptop bag, you put it into your main big bag.


What happens if your laptop bag is stolen? Now they got your drive too.

  1. Ping Before You Pay. If you’re using Air BNB, a hotel or a hostel have them do an internet speed test from the place and email you the screenshot of the results before you pay them.

Then tell them to add it to their Air BNB photos or web photos because other potential guests will want to know.

If it’s too slow, look elsewhere.

Now, getting 1 meg sec or (1 megabyte per second) in many developing nations is rockin speed. Seriously.

Here’s the deal, 1 meg sec is fast enough to upload YouTube videos, have Skype calls and surf the net just fine. Will it run most games, no. But, if you’re playing games, why are you traveling. Stop, get out and explore. That’s what you’re there for.

  1. Anti-Theft Gear.

You can wear a money belt and that does help. But, it doesn’t stop the thieves who slash open your bag or backpack when you aren’t looking or even when you’re wearing it.

Here’s a common thief trick that they do in many countries around the world.

The Mustard Trick

You’re walking along taking pictures of the sights with your backpack on and your camera in hand.

You feel something wet hit the back of your leg, you turn to look and see mustard.

Almost instantly someone offers to help you and pulls out a handkerchief.

While he or she is helping you 1 or 2 of their cohorts is opening or slashing open your bag and taking your stuff.

Never set your bag, camera, phone or anything else down while they are helping you or it will be gone.

If this happens refuse all help, put your back to a wall and tell them to get lost.

This is one common trick, but there are many that you have to watch out for, which leads me to telling you about a few anti-theft things you can use to help avoid these situations.

Safety Products I’ve Found Useful

Pac Safe has all kinds of travel safety items. The ones that I’ve found to be the best are their safe backpacks, their safety net wire mesh that goes around your bags and their camera strap that has a cable running through it, so it can’t be easily cut.

With these things you’re pretty safe because most petty thieves don’t carry bolt cutters to cut through these cables.

  1. Find Co-Working Spaces

co working space for travel

Co-Working spaces are places that you can come and rent desk space by the hour. All you do is bring your laptop or other devices, pay a fee for however long you want to work and get to it.

Many places you might want to travel to have terrible WIFI or the power goes out all the time.

With Co-Working spaces they generally don’t have these problems as they have lots of bandwidth and many will have backup generators.

Many will even have Skype rooms that you can rent for an extra fee to have a nice quiet and private Skype call while traveling.

Co-Working Home Stays

Now there are even places that are home stays that have Co-Working places built right in.

As an example; there is a place in Siem Reap called Angkor Hub, you can see them here:

Angkor Hub co living co working space

You can get rooms there, they include breakfast & lunch and many times have an evening meal where everyone gets together and breaks bread so to speak.

Other cool amenities are free all day coffee and espresso, a free sims card upon arrival and they even have airport pickup too!

Jeff has made the place very welcoming for those traveling in Cambodia. Normally internet speeds while traveling in Cambodia are very inconsistent. The power and internet both go down all the time.

So, they have a direct internet connection and a backup generator.

I’m not affiliated with them in any way. I just like sharing with you the really cool things I’ve found while traveling.

Places like Angkor Hub are sprouting up all over the regions where they make sense. It’s not just in countries where the internet is bad. There is a place in San Francisco that is rather pricey, but offers great service I’m told (I’ve not used their place before, but was told by a fellow traveler).

They are popular because you get to hang out with like minded people, have great social interactions, great internet and a place that takes your tech gear security seriously.

Ko Hub co working co living space

For another example; one more that’s really rather cool is the Ko Hub on Koh Lanta Island in Thailand they can be found here:

They offer rooms, two meals per day and 55 meg sec download speeds with 45 upload speeds. Not too shabby for a small island with a population of only 30,000 full time, plus the tourists of course.

  1. Live Like A Local

One of the things that I honestly love to do when traveling is to ditch the hotel and live like a local instead.

My two favorite places are AirBNB and HomeStay which both offer this more genuine experience.

The two offer many of the same things, but with HomeStay it’s pretty much exclusively renting a room in someone’s home.

If this is outside your comfort zone, then AriBNB has whole homes and condos for rent.

The reasons that I like this method of staying are that;

A). I’m not living for a month in a hotel, I get to live in a home where it feels more like I’m a local.

B). I can cook my own meals. Sure, dinning out is fun once in a while. However, I greatly prefer my own foods because I know what went into them and they are just so much healthier.

C). I get great local advice on where to go, where to avoid and all the fun local stuff to do that the tourists never get t see.

D). I get to meet a local family and spend time with them understanding their culture and more of what makes this country and city tick.

You may like having your own condo, which is great. I typically prefer the home stay places where it’s a large place with many digital nomads and common areas that are available to everyone.

Those are my favorites, and each of us will have their won. The thing that I want to encourage you to get out there and do is to experiment with it and find what works best for you in your adventures and travels.

  1. Start A Travel Needed Business

This is a method you’re going to love.

If you are going to travel the world while blogging, some of your main concerns are going to be finances and taxes.

I’m not a tax counselor or financial advisor. I’m only speaking from my own experiences and am not giving you any advice. Be sure to fully research every decision and consult with licensed professionals when needed.

These are things you may wish to look into.

Start an LLC (limited Liability Company). The reasons are that now your operating as a business.

You’ll have legitimate business expenses and reduce your liability.

With an LLC the members are shielded from the law suits against the company and the company is shielded by way of charging orders from the actions of its members.

This is a really big deal in today’s world where you can almost get sued for breathing.

You want to be sure to protect your assets and not lose them because someone finds out you’re making money and wants to take yours instead of working for their own.

Deduct your travels and get a per diem. This is something you of course need to clear with your accountant of tax professional.

This is what you can look into doing. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Whatever you blog about, teach live classes to others wherever you travel. Then allow these people to become your customers, watch your videos and sign up on your list.

Now you’re traveling for business. This means that you can use the legal per diem’s that are a deduction to your company to pay for your travels.

Start a travel blog and vlog. Create a travel blog and populate it with your adventures from all your travels. Then start a YouTube channel and video your adventures as well.

You make money from the blog when you monetize it in many different ways and you make money from the YouTube videos with Google adsense. The videos also point back to your site which drives the traffic to them.

Because your business is to travel, travel becomes your business expense.

Blogging Is The Best

As you can see, blogging is awesome.

If you’re not already on my list, be sure to get your free eBook below.

Also, watch out for my blogging course coming out soon that will show you everything you must know to make 6 and 7 figures while blogging from anywhere in the world even if it’s your kitchen table.