How To Start A Blog And Make Money From It Online

That’s the 64,000 dollar question isn’t it, How To Start A Blog And Make Money From It Online?

Everyone wants to know one thing; can you make money blogging?

Yes, you can make a great deal of money blogging. When I sold my nutritional supplement company we were doing a few million per year in sales and a good portion of that was due to blogging and our newsletter. And, if you take a good look at what a private newsletter really is, it’s basically a mult-ipart blog post that’s password protected.

Here’s the real deal.

You can get a tutorial on HOW to build a blog on YouTube, WordPress and many others. But, what they won’t tell you are all the things we are going to discuss below.

The rudimentary mechanical aspects of building a blog are really quite easy. You have grandmothers blogging about their recipes on a daily basis. They profess no tech savvy at all and yet manage to build a rather decent looking blog.

So, how to build your blog is not the problem.

The question is deeper. It’s how to start a blog that actually makes money.

The answers to this are likely going to surprise you. They are not what you’d expect and definitely not what most bloggers think about, which is why they aren’t making the real amount of money they want to be earning.

So, without further ado let’s get right into:

How To Start A Blog And Make Money From It Online

  1. What Is The Purpose Of Your Blog?

Right now you might be thinking that this is an idiotic question. But, it’s one of the most important ones you can possibly ask yourself.

You may be think that the purpose of your blog is to make money. That’s a decent answer, however, that’s not going to give you that massive drive you’ll need long term.

As a matter of fact, if your only reason to start your blog is to make money from blogging then you are actually quite likely to fail.

Blog Your Passion

You really should blog your passion, blog what you love, or what you’re truly interested in. There is no substitute for being passionate or truly into your subject. Your readers will know over time whether it’s something that you love or it’s just a job for you. Intuitively they’ll just figure it out and know you’re not really on fire with the topic like you would be if it were your passion.

Think about it. Why do you want to learn to make money blogging in the first place? It’s because you aren’t happy or satisfied with a 9 to 5 working for someone else. Or, maybe you want that location or time freedom that comes with blogging.

Whatever your reasons, blog what you love and you’ll be truly happy earning all that money, traveling the world, expatriating and living abroad or working from home in your pajamas.

We all have our own reasons. Just make sure that you’re truly into the subject you’re blogging about or your audience will know, plus, it will just feel like another job.

A good rule of thumb is, would you do this for free? Would you write or talk to people and share the information you have on your blogs topic for free?

If the answer is yes, that means you like, love or are passionate about your niche and in my eyes that’s the first key to success.

The majority of so called Gurus out there would tell you that it doesn’t matter if you like the subject or not. They say to find a niche that’s not very crowded in which there is a lot of money to be made and blog about it.

The thing they are failing to tell you is that; you’re going to be writing in this niche every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year and every year of the decade. If you can’t stand the subject, you’re going to burn out very quickly.

You need to wake up in the morning and be in love with what you do. Otherwise, just go sit in a cubicle for the rest of your life and maybe someday they will give you a gold plated watch.

But, if you truly want to live your dreams, then be passionate about what you do and do what you’re passionate about.

Don’t worry about the money. We will discuss how to turn nearly any niche you can think of into a full time income and even more. Much more if you’d like. All while working a lot less hours than you used to and loving those hours that you are building your business instead of someone else’s.

  1. How To Know If Your Blogging Niche Is Profitable Or Not

In 95% or greater of the cases there are ways to make your blog super profitable no matter what niche you’re in.

So, below we’ll discuss just how to do that and how to know whether you have a real winner on your hands or not.

How To Make Nearly Any Blog Profitable

Let’s take something that’s famously lame such as underwater basket weaving and show how that crazy niche could be a powerhouse profit maker.


You’re crazy passionate about underwater basket weaving and decide that’s the niche for you and want to know how you can make money with your blog.

Note: An affiliate is someone who markets a product for a commission. I.E. you put the link to an Amazon or other companies product on your site and when they buy you earn an affiliate commission.

A). Anyone whose into your niche is going to want to stay underwater for more than a few seconds at a time. So, as an affiliate you sell them scuba gear and scuba certification courses.

B). People who weave baskets need basket weaving material. So, you align yourself with the best basket weaving material supplier and get a commission anytime someone buys via your link on your site.

C). Beginners into the niche will need beginner training books and seasoned basket weavers will want to learn how to do more intricate patterns or shapes and as such will need advanced training.

D). You might want to create your own products such as a book or training course on the subject. Maybe you create your own line of basket weaving materials as well.

E). You can put adsense ads by Google and or other ads from other platforms and earn money when people click on an ad or by renting the ad space.

But What About My Niche?

You might be thinking that; yeah, sure, that’s underwater basket weaving. But how do I make a profit in my niche?

The theories are all the same. If people spend money for any reason in your niche, you can get some of that for your own pocket. There are so very few niches where it would be hard, but not impossible to make money in that you should never have to worry about asking ‘ can you make money blogging?‘ The answer is yes!

A few more examples are:

A). You’re an artist and love anime as an example. You sell the latest anime books, computer anime drawing programs, training courses and books and even affiliate a super graphically oriented computer that will run those programs flawlessly.

B). You love eating super hot peppers. You sell books on the subject, you sell a chart of the world’s hottest peppers and how to identify them. Then you sell that cream that soothes burning butt holes.

You market a line of hot peppers that have all the main varieties starting from mild and going to inferno. You then put ads on your site as well.

C). You’re unbelievably passionate about sunsets. You take pictures of them as you’re viewing them and sell the images on the stock photo places everyone goes to buy images.

You write a book about sunsets, how they happen, what makes a great one and you put pictures of your favorite 101 sunsets.

You know others like taking sunset photos too. So, you affiliate the world’s best sunset camera and all the special gear they need to get that perfect shot.

You then affiliate a travel site so they can go to where the best sunsets are.

Here’s the point.

The point is that you can make nearly anything that you’re passionate about or have a strong interest in into a business. There might be a niche or two out there where there is just nothing to market in that niche, but you’re going to find that to be extremely rare.

If you think your niche can’t turn a profit then you’re likely not being creative enough. Because it’s pretty tough to find a niche that there’s no money in.

How To Know If You Have A Real Winner

Just because you can make any niche profitable doesn’t mean that some niches are not more profitable than others.

Here are a couple ways to know if you have a high paying niche.

A). People routinely spend over $100 just to get started in your niche.

B). They need ongoing items or training in your niche to advance in it.

C). Your niche is evergreen. What this means is; your niche doesn’t have any time that it might expire or no longer be relevant.

A couple of examples: If you go into the baby niche it’s evergreen because people are always having babies. If you go into the food niche people are always eating. Or, if you go into the puppy niche people are always buying puppies.

If your niche was based only on one book of the best burgers of this year, then next year it’s no longer relevant and you’re niche dies.

You want to be sure that your niche will be around for decades.

D). The earnings per click on adsense are at least $2.00 per click so that when you get clicks you get at least a dollar per click in your pocket. Adsense pays you 60% of the revenue generated on your site.

They always trim down the number of clicks to cut back for any false clicks. And they blend ads so that people don’t just see ads specific to your site, they also see ads specific to interests they have recently viewed.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can go to a news site and things you were looking at over the last few days have ads for them on that site when the news topic is completely unrelated.

This is Google blending the ads for the site you’re on with recent interests to get more total clicks. The challenge here is that; those other interests might have very cheap paying clicks.

So, keeping your CPC (Cost Per Click) in your niche as high as possible will help you earn more if you decide to monetize with adsense.


The thing to realize is that overall when you have affiliate offers, adsense, other ad platforms and even your own products you can do pretty well with nearly any niche you can come up with.

  1. How Will You Get Traffic?

Traffic is the life blood of your site. If you want to know how to get paid for blogging then understanding traffic is going to be a huge key.

For the purpose of this article we won’t go into specifics on getting traffic, but instead will look at it from the 30,000 foot view (the big picture).

You’re going to hear the terms free traffic and paid traffic.

We will start with free traffic.

Let’s get something straight. There is no such thing as free traffic. You can either pay with your dollars or pay with your time. Free traffic is called such because you don’t pay for it with your dollars you pay for it with your time.

Your time is worth something, you’re valuable and your time is not free.

Free traffic will generally come from videos, social media, blog comments, forum posts and other venues. Of all these, videos will likely be your best bet.

You can start a YouTube channel and have traffic flowing to your site rather quickly. It does suppose that you want to make the videos in the first place however.

You should enroll and get my free 12 week course that you’ll see available at the end of this article. It’s delivered in only 12 days so you can go as fast as you want. But, at the end of the 12 part course teaching you how to build your business, I then go into traffic quite extensively as you’ll be on my weekly newsletter. I’m sure you’ll really like it.

But, the logic with videos is; have you ever seen a YouTube video with zero views? No, well neither have I. This means that your videos will get the views. Then I’ll show you the easy way to get people over to your site from your videos.

Paid traffic.

Here you’ll buy your traffic from ad sellers like Google, Bing and other providers.

The benefit is that you can have traffic almost instantly and most of the time in good volume as well.

The downside is; you really need to know what you’re doing to get traffic cheap enough so that you turn a nice profit.

I’ll also be going into paid traffic generation after my free course where you will be on my weekly newsletter for free as well.

The thing to do is; don’t worry about traffic, get on my list by getting my free course and I’ll teach you what you need to know for free.

You have To Promote

PT Barnum of Barnum And Bailey Circus said ~ “Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!”

Can you make money blogging? Yes, absolutely. But without promotion all you have is a great site no one will ever see.

So, once you get it built be sure and scream about if from the highest rooftops. Let everyone know you’re there. Promote, promote, promote and when you’re sick of promoting, promote some more.

You can’t have a successful site if you keep it a secret.

  1. The Biggest Blogging Secret Most Will Never Know

Most people who have a blog and would like to make money from their blog never discover what I’m about to share with you right now.

If you want to be paid from the people on your list and reading your blog then you must be of real value to them first.

Don’t Think that just because you put a blog up that people will then throw money at you.

Think about why you’d be willing to spend your money on a person’s blog. If you really think about it and distill it down I’m sure you’ll see it’s because they gave you value BEFOREĀ  they asked you for money. This precisely our aim here at Succeed 365 to give you immense value.

I’ll go over this extensively in your 12 week course. But, you need to pay it forward. You need to partially help them solve their problem for free to demonstrate that you really know what you’re talking about. You need to do this BEFORE you offer them the paid solution to their problem that you earn a commission from or that is your own product.

You’ve likely heard the saying ‘give and you shall receive’ right? Most people have heard that long before they ever make it to adulthood.

It’s true. Give to the people reading your blog, give to the people on your list. Treat them with respect and provide value to them by helping them solve their problem. Keep doing this over and over. Then, when you have a tool for them to buy to help them solve their problem they will snatch it up because they trust you and want to reciprocate.

Give to them from your heart, because you really want to help them. Then, you’ll be taken care of in the end, it’s the law of the universe, nature, Yin and Yang or whatever you want to call that thing that balances us all.

Don’t worry about the money. Do what you love, give your readers and subscribers true value and of course show them the very best tools they need to accomplish their goals and everything will be just fine.

When choosing the tools to offer them, don’t think of yourself, think only of their benefit. If one tool has a higher commission, but, it’s not as good as the other one, offer them only the one that best suits their needs.

Don’t worry about the lower commission. These people will be on your list for years. They’re not stupid. They will know that you’re truly looking out for them and they will respect that and actually buy more stuff because of it.

The moral of this section of the article is; do the right thing, do what you love and provide value to your readers and subscribers. You’ll have a happy heart and you’ll be well paid in the end as well.

Sure, some sleaze ball might make more than you. But, next year when he’s broke and your still growing, who won? You did. You won and so did your readers and subscribers.

Be sure to get your FREE 12 week course that’s delivered in only 12 days by clicking the link below and giving only your best email address so you don’t miss any pieces of it.