How Much Website Traffic You Really Need To Make Money

That’s a huge question that we get asked all the time. Literally everyone wants to know; how much website traffic do you need to really make money blogging?

The Answer Is; Not As Much As You Might Think

Most people Presume that they will need a ton of traffic to make any money while blogging, but this is not necessarily the case.

It really depends on what type of blogging you’re doing and the methods you are using to earn your revenue.

The Four Main Blogging Types

There are 4 main blogging revenue types for the purpose of our discussion here.

They are:

  1. The Merchant.
  2. The Advertiser.
  3. The Affiliate.
  4. The Funnel.

Now let’s have a brief overview of each and talk about their traffic requirements.

The Merchant Blogger

These are the blogs you see that have physical products they have procured, make or have made for them.

Examples of each would be:

A). Procured; They buy items for as cheap as possible in countries like China, import them and sell them.

B). They make the products; They make the products themselves and sell them on their own sites or sites like Etsy.

C). The have them made; here they may have conceived (created) the product, and have it manufactured somewhere. Or, they may be private labeling another companies product and selling it under their own label.

These types of sites take a large amount of traffic due to the fact that the margins can be rather slim and so sales rely on volume.

The reasons margins can be slim is that if you buy a widget (an item) from an overseas supplier, have it made or private label it, you must first buy in bulk to get a decent price.

Then you have to ship it to your warehouse, store the product, pay people to pick pack and ship the item, pay for shipping boxes -packing tape and supplies, pay for shipping fees and deal with lost items and returns.

So, if your widget costs $5 and retails here in the US for $15, but you have to compete with the person selling it on Ebay for $9.99 you don’t have much left.

Then, once you pay for all the above expenses, plus business insurance and taxes you can find you’re left with almost nothing.

Now comes the traffic.

You have to focus on free traffic, so you can still profit, so you need lots of it to get any volume.

Free traffic is not really free, because instead of spending your money, you spend your time getting it.

As you can see, the Merchant Blogger model has its flaws.

Now, that being said.

IF you find a really great widget that you can buy for $5 and sell for $30, that also has a ton of demand, you can sometimes hit a real winner.

The challenge with this is that; you have millions of other people looking for widgets at the same websites you are. So, finding one has become more and more challenging.

Then, once you find it, it’s quite likely that others found it too and now they work at simply selling theirs cheaper than yours, and you find your margins eroding in a price war.

The Advertiser

Advertising revenue blogs are super easy to set up. Heck you can have it monetized in 30 minutes setting up Google adsense with a plugin built to add it to your site.

Or, you can sell ad space once you get enough traffic to attract people willing to spend to get your traffic.

There are several types of advertiser sites that you can set up, here are a few examples:

A). The niche site: Here you find s niche that has a really high cost per click (CPC) in Adwords.

This way you get as much money per click from your revenue share as possible.

You write niche specific articles and hope to get ranked in Google. If you’re ads are in the right spots on your site, you can get a pretty decent click through rate.

Or of course once you get large enough you can sell ad space for whatever the market will accept.

B). The news site: Here your revenue comes to you much like in example A, but your covering news stories.

You can do general news like ABC, CNN etc. Or, you can do niche sites such as reporting the news on a particular hot evergreen topic.

C). Social sites: These are social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Your revenue models are much the same as A. However here you can add in PPC (pay per click) as the topics may be so general advertisers are only willing to go with a pay for results model.

There are other advertiser type sites that have proven successful, these were just 3 examples.

The challenge here is; your livelihood is based upon volume. You need a lot of traffic to make any real money at this.

Then, with the news site method, you’ll soon find yourself needing a staff of people to help you with this or you’ll fall behind keeping up.

The one caveat is; if your niche is tight enough and not much happens, then it’s possible to run this as a one man show. But, if that’s the case, where are you going to get the volume from?

Now I’ve Saved The Best Two For Last

The Affiliate

Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding, I do a little of it myself.

It’s the second-best method and is faster and (some would say) easier than the best method we will discuss below.

Affiliate marketing is simply where you sell other companies products on your site, via email marketing or other methods for a commission.

The reason it’s the second-best marketing method is that it has the ability, if done right, to make you the second largest income.

Examples of affiliate marketing would be;

A). The affiliate site: With these you could have a review site or a niche site.

You blog, write about or review products on your site and earn a commission when they make a sale from your referral.

B). Third party sites: With this method you don’t have a site and instead use videos on YouTube, articles on article directories, social media sites and others to hold your content.

Once people view your content, they click your affiliate link, buy the product and you get paid.

C). Email marketing: Email marketing is by far the best method to combine with the other two methods I mentioned above.

It can also be used as a stand-alone method; however, I don’t recommend that.

In this method, you give away something for free to build your list and then market to that list.

Now For The Best Method Of Making Money On The Internet

Funneling. Or more accurately ‘blog Funneling’.

When you asked, “how much website traffic do you need to really make money blogging?”

You were hopeful that the answer would be that; you don’t really need very much website traffic to make money.

Well, your prayers have been answered.

With the method below, you need very little site traffic to make a lot of money online and build a REAL business.

It’s a concept that I created, named and own the website URL for, called Blog Funneling.

Here’s the concept in a nutshell.

Now, this is the general overview. Of course, there are tons of details that you have to know about to make it work. But, those will be saved for my blog funneling course later on.

  1. You set up a blog that you will use to communicate with the people on your list.
  2. The blog must be in a niche that you both love, and that can make you money.
  3. You build an email list in this niche.
  4. You create products that solve the problems in your niche.
  5. You market those products to your list in the form of a funnel.

That’s it!

It sounds easy, but there are many moving pieces to this system.

That’s why I’m building a master course to help you conquer all the pieces that make up your business.

Why Is This The Best Business On The Internet Today?

  1. It’s a real business.

You see, when you’re an affiliate, or have ads on your site, you’re subject to the control of others.

If they change the product, change the sales page, discontinue the product or go out of business, you’re hosed.

With blog funneling, it’s YOUR business. No one tells you what to do or goes out of business and leaves you hanging.

  1. You control your destiny. If you want to make more money, just create another product that solves a huge issue in your niche and people will buy it.
  2. The earnings potential is easily 10 times what you could earn as an affiliate in most programs.
  3. You’re no longer the affiliate, now you can HIRE your own affiliates to market for YOU!
  4. It takes a lot less traffic.

How much website traffic do you need to really make money blogging?

Well, let’s look at some numbers.

Let’s say that you’re bringing on 150 people per day onto your list. Yes, this is a really low number, but this will show you just how much money can be made here.

Out of the 150 subscribers 100 of them are legitimate addresses, stay on your list and open your emails.

So, the real number of people on your list is actually 100.

Let’s say you’re a smart marketer and you have a small product to start them off with, such as a course that only costs $47.

Then, you have a larger course that really helps them attain their dreams and it sells for $1,997.

After that, you have a continuity course (membership course) that costs $47 per month.

The Numbers

If only 3% buy the small product per 100 subscribers that’s $141.00

Then only .5% (1/2 a percent) buy the large course that’s $998.50

After that, 3% stay on your membership course each month, that’s $141.00

Those 100 subscribers could be worth $1,280.50 PLUS the ongoing revenue from your continuity program.

It Only Takes A Small Amount Of Traffic

With just a small amount of traffic it’s possible for you to start having thousand-dollar days and up.

Getting 150 people to sign up to a fantastic free offer per day is not that hard.

You DO have to make sure that the people you’re signing up are really into your niche.

But, once you do that, you can do really well.

So, as you can see. You really don’t need much traffic to be successful.