Good Copywriting Is The Cheapest Form There Is

There is a huge mistake being made in the hiring of copywriters.

Business owners mistakenly think that hiring a cheap copywriter will save them lot’s of money, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

A good copywriter will charge $5,000 and up for a long copy sales letter. $5,000 being the minimum and it goes up from there depending upon complexity with your average job ending up around $7,000.
Of course if you want an auto responder series thrown in then you’re adding a few dollars to the total etc…

laptop handshakeNow what happens is Mr. Frugal businessman want’s to pay only $2,000 to $3,000 for a sales letter instead of the fees above. He unwittingly thinks this will save him money. As you’re reading this you might think “well, yes that would save him money right?”


Here’s what really happens: Mr. Frugal goes with the bid from the young inexperienced copywriter who has yet to make a name for himself, is hungry for the work, doesn’t yet understand undercutting his fees doesn’t help him and as such throws out a low ball copywritng fee hoping to get the job.

He succeeds, he got the work. Now what?

There is nothing wrong with being young & hungry to get work and make a name for yourself in the copywriting business, nothing at all. But our youngster has bit off more than he can chew. He took on the writing for a niche that he knows nothing or very little about.┬áLacking the years of experience he doesn’t know how to make up for this deficiency and ends up writing pretty lousy copy.

He gives the copy to Mr. Frugal who now spends $3,000 on the website and graphics guys to get the copy online. Then he spends $20,000 on advertising.

I’m sure you can guess what happened. The lousy copy didn’t convert and Mr. frugal lost over 90% of his $20,000 and of course lost the e $3,000 web fees, and also lost the $2,000 he spent on the copy plus he lost 3 months of his time and lost all that money he should have made. Ouch, that was painful!

Now Mr. Frugal still needs to sell his inventory so he hires the other copywriter who’s price was a little higher with the hopes that his will convert. This copywriter has 20+ years of copywriting experience and has written 4 sales letters in the past on this very niche subject. He takes his time and does a really nice job, the copy reads like a dream.

Mr. Frugal puts the new copy online and pays $20,000 in advertising again. This time the copy converts wonderfully and Mr. Frugal triples his money on is inventory and makes a nice tidy profit.

Which copywriter was more expensive?

Well, obviously the 1st one. He didn’t get any results.

You see, it’s not the price of the copy but the results that count.

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You’ll be ever so happy you did.