Exactly How To Get 83% Or More Opens On Your Emails With No Extra Work


That’s really the million dollar question, isn’t it.

It’s not how do I get more traffic, or how do I do this or that, anyone can buy traffic. If you need traffic see some of my other articles, I cover both free and paid.

The real BIG question is; how do I increase my open rate?
Why? Well, if they don’t open your email you have zero chance of them clicking a link to go buy something from you. So, it all hinges on what percentage of people open your emails.

By implementing the tactics from day one you’ll discover below I’ve had open rates that have topped 83%. So, you might be wondering; well yeah, sure, you did that once, but what’s your average open rate?

My average open rate for the 90 days preceding the writing of this article for all my lists straight across the board was 71.16%. So say just over 71%. And guess what? I’m not a magician. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to do this right away.

Your Email Open Rate Solution Is Simple
percent-76213_640Here it is in a nutshell, I’m going to give it to you right up front. But, you should read what I have to say on it even if you’re an old seasoned pro. Why? Well, how much more could you make with open rates of 83% or more? The gold nuggets of info you’re about to pick up will be well worth your few minutes to finish reading this.

The answer to the big riddle is: Value!

Here is exactly what I mean by value.

You are likely on several emails lists right now. Most all the marketers just send you product after product after product to buy and every email is a pitch. Maybe once in a blue moon, they will give you some little shred of free info, but the odds are really low, like in almost never.
So, if they are giving you relevant offers you might stay on their list for a while. You scan all of their subject lines to decide which pitch fest you want to open today.

When you find yourself on too many lists you go through and unsubscribe a bunch of them all at once to get yourself off of so many darn lists.
You don’t really care all that much who’s list you unsubscribe from because they are all about the same, they just pitch you some new must have product every single day.

My advice with your email marketing list: DON’T DO THAT!


Here’s what you do instead.

Nearly every single day you give them value. The reason I say nearly every day is that once in a while you have something you’re promoting too.
Don’t be just another subject line pitching them.

Instead become the one email they look for every single day and here’s how you do it.

Every day you take one really great tip, one golden piece of information that your audience will absolutely love and you give it to them for free.
You MUST stay on point. That is to say; if your niche that they opted into is exotic pets don’t start emailing them tips on how to change the oil in their car. You’re email subscribers don’t want to hear that from you.

Now, if they subscribed into the exotic pet niche telling them about the latest, greatest snake cage might be ok, or how to care for your pet Salamander. But talking to them about how to get grass stains out of their clothes is not likely going to win many friends.
Give them great tips that really help them and that they can put into use right away.

The anatomy of a great tip; it should make you say wow, cool, I’m glad I discovered that. And 2nd it should be actionable. Meaning, they should be able to take action, use it, and see the benefits from it.



How Often Should I Sell To My Email List?

Another important topic as we are all in marketing to make money.

The answer is whenever you find a product that is so good you would honor the money back guarantee yourself. The best products that you should promote are the ones you have used or tested yourself.

Never promote something that is even slightly questionable in value or quality, it will only come back to bite you.
If you can find a truly fantastic product once per week, then promote once per week. In my finding you should never promote more than twice per week. The other 5 days you should be pouring on the value.

Another question you might have would be, “But won’t the guys promoting everyday make more money that I will?”


The answer to that is no.

I won’t go deep into the psychology of it, but think of it this way.

Who would you be more likely to buy from? Someone you trust, who gives you amazing free information that you have used to get results? Or, someone who gives you nothing but a pitch every day on some new product you simply can’t live without and will be the failure of the ages if you don’t buy it in the next 30 seconds or less?

Who will make more sales? The email marketer who has an 8% open rate? Or the email marketer who has a 71% average open rate?
Of course we could sit here all day and go into all the Freudian mental gymnastics of why all those things occur, but suffice in saying that they do.

Your Next Great Tip Is…

Only use the very best auto-responder company. Why? Because your email getting to your client is your life blood. If your email doesn’t reach them you have no chance for a sale and no sale = no money!

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One More Email Marketing Tip

Don’t write mini novels.

Everyone is super busy and all the stuff online is vying for their attention at every turn. They don’t have time for War And Peace in the email form. Instead, think about how you can deliver the information in as short a manner as possible. No long winded emails, nothing boring, just get to the point and stay on point.

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