Big Time Traffic With Guest Blogging

So, you have a website and you’d love to have it literally hopping with traffic right!

Maybe it’s even a site where you have it monetized and would like to make some money from it.

Great, there are many ways to drive traffic but few can equal the laser targeted, niche specific traffic that guest blogging can.

Blog onWhat is guest blogging? This is where you write an article or make a video for another website (in essence a blog post) that they can put on their site to give great content to their readers. You in turn get to put a link back to your site where interested readers can click and go to your site or offer.

The value to the site owner is that you are coming in as an outside expert in your field or possibly thought of in a celebrity type status and are adding content to their site. Just like all those talk shows where one of the talk show hosts has a famous actor, comedian, scientist, doctor or athlete on the show and people tune in to see what that person has to say.

You become the outside expert on the subject and you usually validate many of the things the blog owner has been preaching to their readership. You also bring in fresh new information and or a new perspective on many of the same subjects. This is a big time win for the blog owner because they get free content and a chance to mail their list with something exciting like, we have XYZ authority in our niche writing an article just for you.

The value to you is that you get published on a high traffic blog with a big readership who now thinks of you as an expert in your field.

You can get published on blogs in the same exact niche that you’re in with a link back for them to visit your site. This is of course some of the best traffic you can possibly get. Just think about that for a moment. As an example let’s say you’re in the weight loss niche and you have a site getting 100 visitors per day. How great would it be if you could get published on a blog that has 2,000 readers a day and your article or video stays on the front page for 7 days?

That would mean that 14,000 people will see your guest blog post in just the 1st week and over the course of the next several weeks and months still thousands more will see it. Now let’s also say that 25% of the readers clicked over to your site to check you out. That would equal 3,500 new people in just the 1st week. That’s more that your site normally gets in a month.

Now let’s also say that you guest blog on one new site every day five days a week. Are you starting to see the power in this?

Capitalizing On Your New Traffic

Likely the very best thing you can do to take advantage of this huge tidal wave of traffic is to get them on your list. Why? Well, because if all they do is come over and visit ONE TIME that’s not all that great for you. Sure it’s a big help and if you’re properly monetized you will get some pretty nice sales from that. But when you build your list with these people you of course get to market to them over and over again for years and years to come.

Which one is better; getting the sale one time and then you never hear from that person again or Getting the sale AND getting them on your list so that you can market related products to them for as long as they stay subscribed?  Well of course, building your list is the obvious choice.

How Do You Get Guest Blogging Gigs?

There are several ways you can get all the guest blogging gigs you will ever want.

One really easy way is to simply Google your niche and then ad +blog to the end of your query.

Here are a few examples: Let’s say that your niche is auto shows you would simply enter your Google search like this: auto shows + blog Yes, that’s it, and (I intentionally left off the period at the end of that last sentence so you would not mistake it as part of your query string, I’m not that bad at punctuation).  Or let’s say for one more example that you niche is Dog training. You will simply enter your search query like this: dog training + blog and you should come up with tons of them.

Then all you need to do is contact them with your offer to guest blog. You can create one email one time and just modify it with the name of the blog you’re contacting etc… each time before you press send. You may have to contact 2 to 5 to get one yes but that’s pretty much normal. If you’re sending out ten and only getting one yes then you had better look at your email because it likely needs revision.

You can easily get the email address from the contact us form on most people’s sites. If not just copy and paste your email request into the contact us form itself and send it that way. In truth the contact us form may be the best way to go because you don’t have to worry about spam filters and they nearly always get opened. If you can’t find either of those two then you can generally find their email on the whois sites. Just Google whois and put in the URL for their site, you will come up with the  contact data for the site owner or sometimes their legal contact. If it’s their legal contact leave it alone, don’t pursue it because you’re wasting your time, they will almost always never pass it on to the owner.

A Couple Of Tips

Always write guest blogging posts of the highest quality. Because you are getting new people to your site this way and it’s their first impression of you. Plus, this is a way for you to gain credibility in your chosen niche. Think about it. You have a small to medium sized site and you are commenting on a site 10 to 100 times your sites size, this extends your reach and credibility rather dramatically wouldn’t you say!

Always build a list. It’s the one single fundamental principle in all internet marketing. I truly love the art of list building so much that I wrote a free report for you called List Building For Infinite Income in which I lay it ALL out on the line. There are no secrets left out, I truly spill the beans on how to build an amazingly powerful list that can take care of you and your family for the rest of your lives.

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