Hi, my name is Patrick Shelley and I’d really like to share with you why I created Succeed 365.

I developed Succeed 365 .Com because I want to create a world where people wake up in the morning both impassioned and inspired to live their lives and to be fulfilled by the life they live.

I coined a phrase years back to express my feelings about how our work life relationship really should be structured, and it goes like this;

I don’t work, I live!

What this means is that; I have no interest in dying at my desk someday from a heart attack, having despised my job and wished I was somewhere else.

I want to live in the sunshine of life experiencing every moment, overjoyed by fulfilling my purpose.

I want to build a tribe of people who realize that;

They are more than just their work and their work is more than just making money.

I want help you and empower you to create your own future instead of helping someone else build theirs.

By enabling you to truly find your passion and build your business around it, I’ll help you go from working at a job to living your life long dreams.

It doesn’t matter what your passion is about.

I’ll help you turn that into not just a job, but your dream lifestyle that can have you loving every moment of your life while building the wealth that secures your future.

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