117 Blogging Niches To Pick And Choose From

117 Niches You Can Blog About

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One of the things I get asked about more than anything is; how do I pick a niche or what niche should I pick?

The choices are nearly endless. If you can think of it, or are into it, there is likely a whole group of other people who are thinking about it, or are into it too.

Below I’ve put together a very short list of just a few of the things you can build your blog around.

This is not a complete list of blogging niches or topics by any means. This truly just represents a fraction of what you could pick from.

What makes a great blogging niche?

There are two things you want to balance when picking your website topic and they are; passion and profits.


You need to have a passion for your niche so that you truly enjoy what you do.

If you have an existing business, then you may have already made your decision. Even if you already have your niche, look through the list and something might spark your creativity.

For new and existing businesses there is nothing better than blog funneling which we will discuss in other articles. But, suffice in saying that blogging is the best business there is.


Ideas for blogging

You must pick a blog niche that’s profitable. Otherwise you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

You want to pick a niche that people are excited about, where they spend money and that’s evergreen (meaning, doesn’t go out of style).

As examples: people spend tons of money on golf, beauty, boating, travel and many more. Be sure that there are people who want information and that are willing to pay for it.

To be evergreen really means that your niche will last for decades or longer. Examples would be: recipes – people eat, end of story. Sports – people have played them since before we could write about them. Fashion – people will likely always care about what they wear.

I’m sure you get the point.

So, make sure you balance these, and you should do well.

You need to make money at it, but, you need to love it too.

What Is The Best Niche To Pick For Your Blogging Business?

What you really want to consider are the following:

Yes, you need to make a profit as we discussed above, but, how are you going to make your money?

A). The Advertising Model.

If your plan is to make it from Google adsense or other advertisers paying you, then you’re going to need a lot of traffic volume to make any real money due to Googles blending.

Blending refers to them not just showing ads that relate to your keyword, but also showing ads that are follow ads.

Follow ads are when you go to a couple sites on shoes and then go to a car site or a florist and wonder why there are shoe ads similar to the site(s) you were just on, that’s because Google tracks you and shows them to you.

So, if your niche has super high CPC (cost Per Click) ads and you want to get a few dollars per click you’ll have to disable Google from showing ads not related to your keywords.

However, even then, you’re not building a real business. You’re not building a list, Google and other ad agencies control your destiny and income.

I can tell you from the experience of having over 300 niche adsense sites up at one time that this is something you may wish to reconsider. It’s a harder road than you might imagine.

B). The Affiliate Model.

Yes, you can make decent money selling other peoples (companies) products, but you’re not building YOUR business.

In essence you’re sending your best customers to them (your proven buyers) for free. They give you a percentage of the sale, but they keep that buyer on their list for life, while you are left looking for more traffic.

It’s not the best business model.

Think of it this way, who do you suppose makes more money in the end, the affiliate or the product owner who can afford to pay the affiliate?

You guessed it, the product owner.

C). Build A Real Business With Your Own Products

In this model you create a blog funnel as I’ll teach you in my upcoming course that should be out soon.

The basics of which are;

You build your list, send them to your blog, solve their problems with products that you have created like my Traffic Course and blog Funneling Course.

Your solutions must be so valuable that their cost is meaningless. They are exactly what your niche needs to achieve their hopes and dreams, so what they cost is not what matters to your subscribers, but, the fact that they can now, finally accomplish their goals.

You set this sales process up in a funnel system that doesn’t piss people off. There are no up sells, down sells, cross sells or side sells. Just pure honest solutions to their biggest needs.

Now, if you like, you’re the one hiring affiliates.

You’re the one with the amazing buyers list.

And you’re the one making all the money.

Think of the benefits:

You control your destiny, not someone else who can pull your ads or cancel their product right after you start making a little money.

You make all the money on your product sales, not just the affiliate commission.

You’re the one building the super solid email list not giving them your best customers to build theirs.

You can now hire affiliates to work for you for free and all you do is pay them a commission when they make you money.

You now have a business that you can will on to your children or sell for a huge profit when you’re ready to retire.

I’m sure you see the point. You are in control instead of being controlled.

Blog Funneling is the best business in the world.


Simple; you get to work only on the exact topic (niche) that you love.

When you go out and get a job, how many times are you really going to love it?

According to medical daily dot com(1) 70% of Americans hate their jobs.

Think about that for a moment. You wake up knowing that you’re going to spend the majority of your day preparing for, commuting to and from and working at a job you hate.

That sucks!

Why would you put yourself through that every day? WHY?

You don’t have to.

You can start discovering how to get traffic (arguably the most important part) and as your doing that you can be building your very own blog funnel, that will become your business that can support you for a lifetime.

The best thing is; you get to build your business in the exact niche that you love!

You get to wake up each day with no commute, no stress, no boss, great money, stay home and do what you love.

Unless you win the lottery, what could be better than that?

It’s Time To Pick Your Blog Niche

Here’s what you want to do.

Sit back and dream about your favorite things to do and make a list of them.

Then make sure they meet the following criteria.

A). There is a hungry audience of people who love this niche, who have problems in it that you can solve.

As an example: you are in the puppy niche. Everyone who has a puppy loves them. They need to know how to train them, that is their problem you can solve.

B). The niche is evergreen. This means that; it is not something that will be gone in your lifetime.

Example: if you build a blog about a particular star, they could die, or have a scandal and fall from grace.

If you blog about pets, people have had pets for 100’s of thousands of years and there is NO sign that they will stop.

A blog about a particular celebrity is not evergreen, blogging about pets is evergreen.

C). They must be willing to spend money.

There are some niches where people just don’t spend money for courses, lessons etc.

However, their are niches where people spend a ton on money.

Think about how much money people spend on beauty, cars, boats, golf, travel, real estate etc.

They have NO problem buying your information products if it will solve their problems, just like you don’t have a problem spending a little when someone solves your biggest problems either.

Use The Blog Niche List Below To Help Find Your Perfect Niche

Look over the blog niche list below to help stimulate the ideas you may need to find your perfect niche.

Even if you’ve already discovered it from the exercise we did above, have a look any way, you never know what might catch your eye.

Without further ado here is the short list.

117 Blogging Niches To Pick And Choose From


  1. Relationship advice
  2. Software development
  3. Boating
  4. Yachting
  5. Celebrity Gossip
  6. Learning new skills
  7. Traveling
  8. Flying
  9. Parachuting
  10. Painting
  11. Psychology
  12. Public speaking
  13. Photography
  14. Stock market trading
  15. Website development
  16. Programming
  17. Vegan
  18. Fashions trends
  19. Travel photography
  20. Inspirational Quotes
  21. Environmental Conservation
  22. Building Websites
  23. Shopping
  24. Travel Reviews
  25. Health & fitness
  26. Bodybuilding
  27. Audio Production
  28. Personal Finance
  29. Nightclub guides
  30. Men’s lifestyle
  31. Video editing
  32. Eco Living
  33. Poker tactics
  34. Golf
  35. Tennis
  36. Football
  37. Basketball
  38. Soccer
  39. Baseball
  40. Boxing
  41. Photoshop
  42. Horror Films
  43. Blogging
  44. Vlogging
  45. Productivity
  46. Life hacks
  47. Business hacks
  48. Space (such as Astronomy, space travel etc.)
  49. Alternative music
  50. Personal style
  51. Jokes and humor
  52. Videography
  53. Family life
  54. Virtual Reality
  55. Long distance running
  56. Iron Man racing
  57. Hiking
  58. Copy writing
  59. Gardening
  60. Book reviews
  61. Beauty (products, how to, hair care etc.)
  62. Yoga
  63. How to play guitar (and or other instruments)
  64. Business consulting
  65. Self-defense (martial arts)
  66. MMA (mixed martial arts as a teaching or news site).
  67. Poetry
  68. Ethnic recipes (such as Indian, Asian etc.)
  69. Home cooking
  70. Crypto-currencies
  71. Animal lovers
  72. Holistic healing
  73. Music by genre (country, rock, blues, classical etc.)
  74. Movie reviews
  75. Car repair
  76. Classic and collector cars
  77. Super cars
  78. Trucks
  79. Off road and 4 X 4
  80. Gaming
  81. Drawing
  82. Interior design
  83. Animation
  84. Self help (motivation, positive thinking etc)
  85. Restaurant reviews
  86. Scuba diving
  87. Home brewing beer
  88. WordPress (how to, news, plugin ratings etc.)
  89. Home exercise (how to, no equipment, body weight only etc.)
  90. Personal development
  91. News site
  92. Home improvement
  93. App development
  94. DIY home projects
  95. Web design
  96. Writing (content writer, author etc.)
  97. Healthy recipes
  98. Auto racing
  99. Motorcycle racing
  100. Bike racing
  101. Boat racing
  102. Fishing
  103. Tennis shoes
  104. Art (the topics are nearly endless)
  105. Organic recipes
  106. Wedding planning
  107. Dating advice
  108. Sustainable living
  109. Hunting
  110. Cars (modern, newest)
  111. College (exams, planning, how to get excepted etc.)
  112. Paleo Diets
  113. Culture (either your own or other cultures. Or, high society culture)
  114. Video game strategies
  115. Skiing
  116. Old time radio
  117. Babies through 18 years (huge niche, babies, toddlers, teenagers etc.)


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  1.  http://www.medicaldaily.com/i-hate-my-job-say-70-us-employees-how-be-happy-work-319928